News about Daniel

Presently on level 70. 


 world=42, weapon=DDS, skill=fletching

I have a white beret and a black body. 

Let me know your favorites.


8 Responses to “News about Daniel”

  1. daniel Says:

    he owns huh….lol

  2. daniel Says:

    but hey if u guys want to help me work on fletching or on strength and defence tell me!

  3. zurixers Says:

    if my main was a member i could kil u
    just sayin

    not to b mean or anything

  4. god of ice18(a.k.a. abraham) Says:

    ur good but not as good as me =)

  5. daniel Says:

    yea.. im close so be warned*deadly howl*

  6. Discounted Car Parts Says:

    Discount Car Parts

    Discount Car Parts

  7. daniel Says:

    im currently lvl 82 now member.. world 42 perm muted.. working on 75 woodcutting and 85 combat.. wearin skeleton costume with new halloween hood. d scimmy, rune arrows and mage shortbow

  8. daniel Says:

    whats with the discount car parts?? nobody needs em

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